Star brite premium restorer wax 476 ml.

Star brite premium restorer wax 476 ml.
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Heavy-duty Premium Restorer Wax is a one-step formula that easily removes medium to heavy chalk & oxidation while leaving a durable, protective coating. No hard rubbing or buffing required. Special UV inhibitors guard against fading, and eliminate the need to use rubbing compound, followed by wax.

Enhances shine while adding protection against stains and UV exposure
Ideal for use on colored fiberglass hulls
Removes medium to heavy oxidation
Can be applied by hand or with a buffer
PREPARE SURFACE: Start with a clean surface. Use Star brite® Boat Wash to remove any grit or dirt.

Shake bottle well before using. Apply product evenly in an overlapping, circular motion with a clean cloth to small area. Rub well to remove chalk, oxidation, and stains while polish is wet. Star brite® Premium Restorer Wax will quickly dry to a haze. Wipe off resulting haze with a clean, dry towel or cloth.

NOTE: No hard rubbing is required on most surfaces. Severely oxidized surfaces may require more rubbing and several applications.